President Trump’s Longtime Bodyguard Just Slipped The Beans, Exposed Big Trump’s Secret!

Trump’s longtime bodyguard slipped the beans and revealed something very interesting about President Trump and expose one of his SWEET secrets. Literally sweet…

Sometimes even the most experienced chefs can’t set the right recipe for someone with a profound taste.
In this case, it was President Donald Trump’s taste that couldn’t be satisfied even with the top-notch cooking of the White House’s kitchen, RSW reports.

Schiller, who left the White House earlier this fall, reportedly used to make secret runs to the McDonald’s on New York Avenue in D.C. to pick up a quarter-pounder with cheese, no pickles and extra ketchup, along with a fried apple pie, for the president.

Schiller’s McDonald’s runs for Trump traced back to the campaign, when he would reportedly stop by a location near the Marine Air Terminal in Queens while Trump waited in his limo.

President Trump’s longtime aide and former bodyguard Keith Schiller used to go to McDonald’s for Trump when the White House chefs couldn’t get his burger just right, Politico reported Tuesday.

So what wasn’t right for the President?

The quarter-pounder with cheese, no pickles, and extra ketchup and with the fried apple pie he likes to dig on for dessert.

It is a matter of a habit to like having a simple Mc Donald’s burger more then Caviar or whatever wonderful meal presidents can afford.

The Irony is: The president can have whatever he can put his mind to, but not a single small menu from the Mac round the corner, so President Donald Trump on many occasions ordered his former chief bodyguard Keith Schiller to pass all the security borders and smuggle a quarter pounder and a fried apple pie in the White House for him.

Keith Schiller confirmed about the President’s passion for burgers, he even added that he was picking up that same quarter pounder and apple pie many times during the electoral campaign. Donald Trump would eat one before every really

Sometimes ordinary cheap things can do us more pleasure than the whole luxury in the world. Our Presedent is a living proof!


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