Major Clinton Ally Just Issued a Call For Special Prosecutor to Investigate Hillary

Political analyst Doug Schoen has been a long-time friend to the Clintons. In the past he’s worked for both of them, the ’96 campaign and Hillary’s ’08 campaign. But, seems like reason has finally prevailed. Now he has a whole different view amidst the scandals about Hillary that erupted in the past few months.

Obtained by The Federalist Papers Project:

Mediaite reports, however, that Schoen’s view of the Clintons has drastically changed in recent years. He now says the Democratic Party “stinks from the head down.”

Former interim Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile claims that Hillary Clinton “rigged the nomination process” and that in exchange for paying off DNC debt, Hillary effectively seized control of the Democratic Party.

An excerpt from Brazile’s book,Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns that Put Donald Trump in the White House, published by Politico reads “I had found my proof and it broke my heart.”

In light of these revelations, and Comey memos which accuse Hillary of gross negligence, Schoen says Clinton should be investigated by a special prosecutor.

Mediaite reports:

Schoen, who worked for President Bill Clinton’s ’96 campaign and Hillary Clinton’s ’08 campaign, claimed that the entire Democratic Party “stinks from the head down” and that everyone “has a stain on their hands.”

“And with this new revelation tonight emails that it probably involved gross negligence, it strengthens my call on that and others for a special prosecutor to look at that, [James] Comey, the gross negligence, to look at the email deal more generally, to look at Uranium One, the dossier, all of it,” Schoen declared. “Because at this point, what we know is getting more and more troubling. I say this as a loyal Democrat… This is not partisan. This is about preserving our democracy.”

Schoen reminded Sean Hannity that he was the “only mainstream Democrat” who publicly disavowed Clinton during the 2016 election.

“My point is I said there would be a constitutional crisis if she was elected. We have one now and she wasn’t elected!” Schoen continued. “It stinks! It’s rotten! And it’s more than rigged!”

Check out the interview here.

Schoen told Hannity he is “still a Democrat” and that he “disagree[s] with the Republicans.” Nevertheless, he says new information on numerous Clinton scandals requires an investigation.

Clinton’s DNC takeover left her in charge of the party’s “victory fund” usually reserved for the party’s nominee before taking the primaries, so long as she paid off party debt leftover by President Obama’s time in office.

“Given the Uranium One deal,” Schoen said. “Sean, why wouldn’t we have, just in the interest of fairness, a special prosecutor to look at what Hillary did as they’re looking at the president?”

Not surprisingly, Leftists are furious, angered that Schoen would even suggest an investigation giving the mounting evidence against Clinton. They’d much rather focus on investigating Trump, and just ignore everything wrong with Hillary.

NewsHounds, a leftist ‘Fox News watchdog’ site, claimed Schoen played “patsy” for Hannity and accused him of being “the world’s most naïve Democrat.”

But the evidence against Hillary isn’t minimal. The testimony of a former interim Democratic National Committee chairwoman, along with several other party members, and the memos of a former FBI director suggest Clinton ought to be investigated, and nobody is “naive” for thinking so.

Efforts to investigate Clinton’s role in the Uranium One deal were previously thwarted, according to Rep. Ron DeSantis.

Republican leadership blocked DeSantis and others from investigating the transaction.

The House Oversight Committee has since launched an investigation into the deal.

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