‘You The Jury’ Got Terminated

The firing of Bill O’Reilly started an entire new era at Fox News. The network appears to have made a decision to change its target audience, and now they are removing prime conservative shows.

Bill O’Reilly was struck by a massive liberal-fueled lie, and his career went down the drain. The host experienced serious sexual harassment allegations, and The New York Times had the last say in his destiny. They published a story in which O’Reilly was supposedly harassing women. That’s not even the worst aspect of the story. O’Reilly was also found responsible for giving millions to all those women so that he can keep them quiet.

Even though O’Reilly’s lawyers did all they could to secure his place in Fox News, the Murdoch family could not deal with all the pressure, and removed the host that worked for their network for 20 years and gained them billions of dollars.

Some claimed that O’Reilly’s firing would be the start of a brand new Fox News. Others stated that the Murdochs are attempting to switch their network to the left, and the most recent move they pulled is in fact verifying these claims.

Conservative shows are the first ones to get cut off, and the network is might lose their audience. Fans aren’t pleased to hear that “You the Jury” got terminated. Judge Pirro didn’t have the opportunity to honor his fans, since audiences had to watch a rerun of “Lethal Weapon.”

Pirro’s show began on Friday, April 7. Regrettably, it didn’t live enough to go past the second episode.

In the first episode of the show’s audience had the option to vote through text messages upon the question concerning the man who murdered missing Robyn Gardner from Maryland. More than 1.5 million viewers watched the first episode.

The third episode was expected to cover the story of a pizzeria in Indiana where employees declined to cater a same sex wedding.

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