Dirty Cover-up By Obama And His Attorney General Exposed – This Is Worse Than We Thought!

Former president Obama took serious hits by a congressional committee last Wednesday, after a public hearing on which was revealed that he along with his attorney general covered up an investigation into the death of the Border Patrol agent that was killed during operation Fast and Furious.

Not that it surprised us, but still…

Let’s recall that this was a gun-running scheme devised by the government that went completely south and is one of the biggest smudges on former president Obama’s legacy.

As reported by Fox News:

Members of a congressional committee at a public hearing Wednesday blasted former President Barack Obama and his attorney general for supposedly covering up an investigation into the death of a Border Patrol agent murdered as a result of a botched government gun-running project called as Operation Fast and Furious.

The House Oversight Committee also Wednesday released a scathing, nearly 300-page report that found Holder’s Justice Department tried to hide the facts from the loved ones of slain Border Patrol Brian Terry – seeing his family as more of a “nuisance” than one deserving straight answers – and slamming Obama’s assertion of executive privilege to deny Congress access to records pertaining to Fast and Furious.

“[Terry’s death] happened on Dec. 14, 2010, and we still don’t have all the answers,” Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, committee chairman, said of Terry’s death. “Brian Terry’s family should not have to wait six years for answers.”

Terry died during a gunfight between Border Patrol agents and members of a six-man cartel “rip crew,” which patrolled the desert along the U.S.-Mexico border on a regular basis, searching for drug dealers to rob. The cartel member suspected of slaying the Border Patrol agent, Heraclio Osorio-Arellanes, was apprehended in April of this year by a joint U.S.-Mexico law enforcement task force.

Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, testified Wednesday in front of the committee, accusing DOJ and ATF officials of obstructing the investigation and working to silence ATF agents who informed the Senate of Fast and Furious.

“The Department of Justice and ATF had no intention of looking for honest answers and being transparent,” said Grassley, now chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and a staunch supporter of whistleblowers.

“In fact, from the onset, bureaucrats employed shameless delay tactics to obstruct the investigation.”

One of those silenced ATF agents, John Dodson, testified Wednesday that he remains “in a state of purgatory” since objecting to Fast and Furious and has been the subject of reprisals and ridicule at the agency.

“That decision, the single act of standing up and saying, ‘What we are doing is wrong’… instantly took my standing from being that of an agent of the government – to an enemy of the state,” Dodson said. “ATF and DOJ officials implemented an all-out campaign to silence and discredit me… Suffice to say, the last six to seven years at ATF have not been the best for me or my career.”

It’s not that this wasn’t expected at all by the former administration, but still to have such an embarrassing event on your record is very bad, even for Obama.

However, it’s not enough just to expose such cover-ups. Someone needs to be held accountable for them, and to make an example of them for the rest, to show that no one, not even the president can tickle with the law.

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